Families are Forever

Established March 10th, 2006

Monday, February 1, 2010


We were blessed enought to have Elder Holland come to our ward! He spoke to us about how to give your life to the Lord. He spoke of the Tithing of our Life. If we give only 10% of our life to the Lord, and truely work hard and give a "full tithe" of our life by going to church, fullfilling our callings, serving others, reading our scriptures daily, praying, and helping the church move forward, if we truely dedicate ourselves to the Lord for that 10% of our life, we will have Eternity to gain! We will be in habit to continue to do what is needed for exaltation. It won't seem like a chore. It will be a way of life for us...And what a wonderful life that would be!
We were also able to go up after and shake Elder Hollands hand. It was so cute. Gabe stuck out his hand as if to say, "Nice to meet you!" We are so blessed to have the Prophets here on earth today.